In order to share the beauty of this historic building, we are mindful that the Villa and the structures located in the surrounding park require, after years of neglect and destructive inactivity, necessary renovation and maintenance. In order to obtain funds for restoration of the Villa to its original appearance, we rent the space for weddings, organize conferences, auctions, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events, also those pro publico bono. We do it ourselves and with participation of local governemnt and organizations. Villa is a perfect place with a soul.

   It is you and your guests who make the Villa return to its splendor.

   In the park surrounding the Villa, right next to the remains of the limestone walls of the former carriage house serving as an outdoor cafe or bar for guests, there is a stylish tent for 180 guests. In the all-year-round tent there is a full-size dance floor, a bar and a stand for music. There is a place for decorations at your discretion, the tent at the highest point is almost seven meters high. Right next to the tent there is a kitchen and external toilets with handicap access.

   Walk to the Villa along the representative linden avenue, through the two-speed Spanish stairs and the sunny room, we will enter the representative salon with a full piano, which can be used as the place of the ceremony. Next, through the original, hand-made, Young Poland dining room in the Zakopane Style with a table for 10 people, we will go down the beautiful stairs, which are lit by the colorful stained glass windows with light beaming into the living room on the ground floor with an active fireplace. The Villa has 4 bedrooms and is equipped with two bathrooms, stylish furniture, decorated with works of art and interior furnishings, which are partly original, unique décor (such as the main, the above-mentioned Egyptian Bedroom or the dining room in the Zakopane Style), and the rest is perfectly and tastefully selected to complement the unique style of the entire property.

   Behind the Villa there is a photogenic oxbow lake of the Krzeszówka river, in the park there is about 300-year-old oak on which a rope swing and garlands of lights are suspended, there is also a period swimming pool, which will soon be restored to use.

   Without hesitation, everyone will see amazing and unique photographic and film frames in the Villa, will spot details, interior and notice surroundings. Regardless of the time of day or night, at any time of the year, this beautiful place is a perfect open-air photographic scenery with tasty romanticism. Scenic outdoor. In the making of events we cooperate with friends who share with us the passion for co-creating the history of this place. The Villa provides guests with unique aesthetic experience, and guests and our clientele is co-creating with us - excellent food, floral decor, musical setting, etc. For example - the Villa's origin is both Young Poland (it was built in 1925) and Italian (Karol Gustaw Domański based its appearance on what he saw and sketched in Italy), which is why we prepare a menu based on Polish and Italian dishes. Everything is naturally combined here into a coherent, beautiful, unique Polish, but also cosmopolitan, European and timeless whole.

   The Villa is located in Nawojowa Góra, just 20 minutes by car from Krakow towards Krzeszowice. We cordially invite you to visit us in order to get to know the charms of this historic place and, above all, to share its joy and beauty with us. We will be happy to show everyone at least part of the Villa. We will also tell you about her history. Thank you!

  • ul. Prochownia 14, 32-065 Nawojowa Góra
    tel. +48 791 274 247, info@willadomanskich.pl